Caitlin &​ Orion

October 1, 2022

Our Story

Caitlin and Orion met as co-workers. Despite their best efforts to keep romance under-wraps in the work place, everyone knew they’d make a fantastic team. One outing, that was not a date, which was actually a date, was all it took for them to realize they were a match made. Their relationship is one in which you: “just add water.”

Orion Felice

Orion is a Colorado native. He will always cheer for the Colorado Avalanche; for football, he has been converted to the Carolina Panthers, a sign of future marital success. His favorite color of blue is that of Caitlin’s eyes.

Caitlin Oruska​

Caitlin is a true North Carolinian. Always looking for plant to grow or a rock to climb, she has a knack for the exciting! If you are ever in need of a Disney serenade, look no further!

Saluti dall’Italia!

A Few Gems


While we give the photographer time to edit the official wedding photos, we thought it would be fun to share some guest pics. If you have any to add, drop us a line!


You are all so generous and kind! Several folks have even asked if we could keep the registry open for a bit. Perhaps you were inspired as well?


We were thrilled to have so many friends and family share the event with us, as well as those present only in spirit. We’re loving our honeymoon, and can hardly wait to share stories! Thank you so much for everything!